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Ghost Trail Overview - a Spy Thriller Book


A corrupt black op is manipulating USAF Special Forces Operators under sleepwalking mind-control in an effort to create the perfect warrior. The most lethal of these is First Lieutenant HAL SHERIDAN, call-sign Ghost One. An assassin forced to kill against his will.

Ghost One deploys on a killing spree, clad in a futuristic optical camouflage stealth suit, including a mission that could spark World War III.

Set at Holloman Air Force Base on the White Sands of New Mexico, the clandestine missions of Ghost Trail are launched in nearly every continent, leading up to one that could spark World War III.

Author Brian Tyree weaves his background as a video game copywriter for First Person Shooter s like Halo and Call of Duty with his experience writing defense-industry copy for Raytheon and Sikorsky Helicopters. As a fan of Michael Crichton and plausible science fiction novels, Brian went to great lengths in researching state-of-the-art military technology, including aircraft, delivery systems, gadgetry and science-based optical camouflage. (Most of the technology in the novel actually exists today, such as non-classified products developed by DARPA and Raytheon.) The result: an action-packed Military Spy Thriller book that traverses the globe and delves deep into the cyberwar realm.

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No, it is a work of fiction, and all of the characters are fictional. However, some of the technological elements in Ghost Trail actually exist.

Let's hope so! Ghost Trail would lend itself well to an action-adventure film (and First Person Shooter video game!

Brian Tyree

Brian Tyree is a screenwriter, award-winning filmmaker, and has a background in video game advertising. Brian's first novel, Ghost Trail, merges Brian's favorite genres in films, games and novels: Thriller, Sci-Fi and Action-Adventure.


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